Driveways Harlow

Driveways Harlow

A new driveway can both add to the curbside appeal of your home as well as serve as a place to park your vehicle. A driveway is like your private little road. It provides vehicle access from public roads to private buildings.

Driveways give the added benefit of ease of access and safety on public roads, are functional and require low maintenance. Most people opt for new ones because they also add to the overall appearance of your Harlow property.

For instance, a carefully textured finish concrete driveway with adjoining concrete patio walkways will increase the value of your property and reduce the incidence of slips or falls.

Driveway installers in Harlow

Coverdale Landscaping is a trusted household name; experts in installing high-quality driveways and pavings throughout Harlow and Essex. We understand the needs of our customers and so, we ensure our contractors are 100% qualified and insured and fit to handle all aspects of driveway installation, from design and maintenance to repair and cleaning.

We are also able to create any style of driveway or paving, from block paving to tarmac; you’d be sure to get a driveway that perfectly matches your home. Our expert contractors also follow strict safety guidelines and requirements to ensure that our projects are carried out safely.

If you have a dream driveway idea for your home in Harlow, you can trust Coverdale Landscaping to create it. We work hand-in-hand with you from beginning to end to see your dream become a reality. The best part is that we offer free quotations to all Harlow customers and people from many other regions.

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Types of driveways

There are different types of materials used for driveways; each with its pros and cons. Though some are more budget-friendly, it’s not always wise to cut costs.

However, determining the right type of driveway for your Harlow home will depend on several factors.

Tarmac drives

Often confused with asphalt because of how it looks, tarmac is the best option to consider for fast delivery.


  • Tarmac driveways are easy to install
  • The cost of installation is lower than other paving solutions
  • Tarmac driveway paving is resistant to extreme weather conditions, from heavy rains to heat or cold weather.


  • UV light can degrade tarmac, causing potholes in the long run
  • If the surface doesn’t get dried easily, moss can grow on the surface causing it to be slippery.

Block paving drives

Block paving drives are made of blocks that can be coloured. They are mostly suitable for high-traffic areas. There are different types of paving stones one can use for these types of drives, from red bricks to contemporary grey colour.


  • Block paving drive is easy to maintain
  • It’s not overly expensive
  • Blocks are easily replaceable


  • Weeds and moss can easily settle within the sand
  • Inadequately sub-base in block paving drives can cause sinking in high-traffic areas

Imprinted concrete drives

Imprinted concrete (also known as patterned concrete print) driveway Harlow differs from the traditional concrete driveway, which uses concrete slabs/blocks to create your finish. Imprinted concrete involves pouring concrete on a sub-base, applying colour, and then following up with a hardener. Then imprints or patterns are applied once the concrete is wet. This is a common choice for domestic properties.


  • It takes less time to install than blocked pavement (because installation is in greater masses).
  • The silicone used to fill cracks decreases the chances of weeds and dirt erupting onto the surface
  • It has more strength and lessens the chance of sinking or any movement


  • Cracks can show up in these driveways
  • It doesn’t allow for easy drainage of surface water unless a drainage solution is installed.
driveway paving Harlow
driveway paving Harlow
driveway paving Harlow

How much does driveway installation cost?

Driveways in Harlow are usually made of different materials, from tarmac to imprinted concrete driveways to block pavings. Therefore, the prices will differ with the material used and the area of your driveway.

For a specific cost, request a free quote from us, and we’ll conduct a free site survey of your property.

Local driveway contractors

Driveways can make your Harlow property visually appealing and make movement easier. For expert craftsmen in driveway installation, contact Coverdale Landscaping for driveway paving Harlow.

We offer a free initial consultation to all Harlow clients where we would discuss all your desires for your new driveway.

Our driveway paving services are also available in and around the below local areas;

Essex, Colchester, Braintree, Harlow.

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