Driveways Braintree

Driveways Braintree

Driveways are more than just cool and provide numerous benefits compared to unmade surfaces. Not only that it keeps your car safer and free from snow and rain on those cold winter days, but it also provides some extra parking space for your friends and family - and guess what?! With a driveway, the value of your house increases significantly.

A property that has a driveway is more saleable and attractive to buyers; hence, there’s more probability of getting profits. Driveway installation is also an incredible way to amp up the look of your house, making it more aesthetic and put together. Before getting a driveway installed, it is essential to do thorough research on all the materials, designs, and installers to select the one that caters to your needs.

Driveway installers in Braintree

Finding a reliable installer is essential after planning your new driveway. If you want a driveway that lasts and increases the value of your house, work with a trustable, reputable, and knowledgeable company.

Unfortunately, not a lot of companies in the market offer reliability and trustworthiness. However, we at Coverdale Landscaping are dedicated to providing you with the finest quality services in Braintree. Our expert craftsmanship ensures customer satisfaction by providing high-end services at a minimal cost.

Aside from providing exceptional services, we take pride in our excellent customer service. We are well aware of all the disruption and fuss that works with any construction work at your residential space, so we make sure to make the process as smooth as possible, saving you from any inconvenience.

When you choose Coverdale Landscaping, you get completely guaranteed services, so the finished product is enduring and lasts you decades.

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Types of driveways

When it comes to driveways, you have ample options to choose from:

Resin-bound drives

A resin-bound driveway is a blend of your pick of construction aggregate, such as stone or gravel, combined with polyurethane resin. This gives you a driveway option that is permeable and meets the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) standards. This means that you might not need to get planning permission, which will save you money on the cost of a new driveway.

Because they are resistant to extreme temperature changes and relatively easy to maintain, resin-bound driveways are an excellent choice for both aesthetics and practicality. These features are primarily responsible for the rise in popularity of this driveway type.

Tarmac drives

Tarmac driveways are easy to spot because they have hot tar on a gravel base, and loose stone chips are added to the tar and stick to it. It has an even, flat surface and is a little bit flexible. It is also easy to maintain, requiring only occasional replacement of loose stones. It is also extremely easily resilient to high and low temperatures.

Despite its low cost, tarmac installation can be more challenging due to a lack of contractors. If you live in a part of the UK that gets a lot of snow in the winter, removing snow can be an issue and even damage the driveway.

Block paving drives

Pavers are differently shaped stones that are put together. Bricks, concrete, and other materials can all be used to construct paved driveways, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Compared to other loose driveway materials, pavers are generally a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and naturally level option that is significantly simpler to clean and maintain. They are much more comfortable to walk on than alternatives like gravel, and their small shapes make it simple to level out uneven ground or slopes.

Pavers are also less slippery than concrete in areas that are prone to ice, frost, or a lot of rain, giving you better control over your car if your driveway is actually sloped. Also, paver driveways can be used almost immediately following installation because they require very little time to settle in place.

Imprinted concrete drives

Imprinting a design or pattern into the wet concrete before it dries is how imprinted concrete is made. Several tools and techniques can be used to get the desired results.

Concrete imprinted driveways are one of the easiest to get and maintain. They are also highly durable, making them lasting. You can choose the style that compliments your house, as it is available in a variety of colors and styles. One major downside of it is the relative weakness of concrete to cold. When you have to de-ice the driveway in winter, it can make some cracks appear on the surface.

driveway paving Braintree
driveway paving Braintree
driveway paving Braintree

How much does driveway installation cost?

Like most renovation and home improvement processes, driveway installation cost depends upon different factors like the area, material, and professional.

That being said, we at Coverdale Landscaping care for you and try to make prices affordable for you. Contact us, and we’ll give you suitable options in your budget.

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Coverdale Landscaping is your local driveway contractor in Braintree. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we are a dedicated team of experts aimed at providing you with the finest quality services in Braintree at the most affordable prices.

We offer free consultations and provide you with no-obligation quotes. We take pride in giving expert advice to you because we want your home to be the house of your dreams.

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